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HHP Team

the people behind
place-based education
at CT State Capital & HHP

Immediate Assistance

Hartford Heritage Project



CT State Capital
950 Main Street

Hartford CT, 06103

Contacts by Department


Project Director

Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 1.16.20 PM.jpg

Nutmeg Pulpit Exhibit

Pedro Bermudez 

Mike Bies

John Boudreau 

Gregg Chin

Valerie Cicero

Frank Mitchell

Tim Spratin


Special thanks to CCC Public Safety for opening and closing the exhibit each day!


Liberal Arts
Action Lab

Erna Alic

Ozlem Atalay

Laura Minor

Jeff Partridge


With thanks to Trinity College for this special partnership.


HHP Web Designer 


Foundation Liaisons


Pennington Lecture Faculty Task Force

Antoinette Brim-Bell 

John Christie
Marcus Lawson 

Jeff Partridge 

Cleo Rolle 

Adolfo Sanchez-Blanco 

Gerry Murphy

Special thanks to Library Staff Karen Deloatch, Dan Lewis, Tabbi Heavner, and the DEI Center and Committee

Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 8.22.11 PM.png

Hartford History Lecture Series

Mariana Garcia  

Bill Hosley 

Old State House Staff 

Fiona Vernal


HHP Web Assistant 

Now Hiring! Email the Web Designer to apply (must be enrolled and  eligible work financial aid). 


Pennington Lecture

Shenika Carroll

Karen Gilbert

G. Duncan Harris

Vivian Nabeta

Jeff Partridge

Wadsworth Atheneum Staff 

Amistad Center for Art & Culture Staff


Special thanks to Faith Congregational Church Pastor and History Committee


Herencias Latinas

Marie Basche

Co-Leader: John Christie

Co-Leader: Adolfo Sanchez-Blanco

Nicole Gomez
Jeff Partridge
Ariel Robinson
Randall Ward

Special thanks to Jose Colon, Helena Carrasquillo, Carl Guerriere, G. Duncan Harris, Josiah Ricardo, and Julia Rosenblatt​


Original HHP Team

Marie Basche

Femi Bogle-Assegai 

Antoinette Brim-Bell

John Christie

Ken DiMaggio

Evelyn Farbman

Carl Guerriere

Arthur Hernandez

Kevin Lamkins

Marcus Lawson

Jeff Partridge

Daniela Ragusa

Minati Roychoudhuri

Peggy Schuyler

Jennifer Thomassen

Pedro Valentin

With Gratitude

The level of engagement with place-based learning at Capital would not be possible without the dedication of faculty, support from Capital's administration, Foundation, and agencies such as the National Endowment for the Humanities and CT Humanities, and the partnerships we have formed with arts and cultural institutions in Hartford who welcome us, and make these opportunities affordable and easily accessible. 

While the HHP Team represented here is big, there are many more staff, faculty, and community partners who make place-based education a vital component of life and learning at CT State Capital.

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