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Place-Based Classes

Place-based courses are regular Capital classes that enhance the learning experience by engaging with the place where our college is located – Hartford, Connecticut. Some courses use local museums, theater, parks, and historical sites in lessons, assignments, or writing projects. Some offer extra credit to attend Hartford events, like a play, exhibit, or concert. We even have fully place-based courses that meet for the entire semester in a places like the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Connecticut's Old State House, the Bushnell Center for Performing Arts, and the Stowe and Twain houses. 

Engineering & Technology

  • ARCH 1002 Architecture of the World

  • ARCH 2020 Architectural Design I

Nursing & Health Careers

  • BIO 1011 Introduction to Nutrition

Social & Behavioral Sciences

  • HIS 1002 Western History from the 1500's

  • POLS 1002 American Government


  • INDS 2090 Liberal Arts Capstone

Arts & Humanities

  • ART 1000 Art Appreciation

  • ARTH 1005 History of Art in the U.S.

  • ENG 1010 Composition

  • ENG 1020 Composition II & Literarture

  • ENG 2600 Studies in American Literature

  • ESOL 1202 Integrated Skills II

  • ESOL 1207 Communications II

  • THR 1101 Introduction to Theater

  • THR 1110 Acting I

  • THR 1120 Stagecraft

Business & Hospitality

  • BMKT 2010 Principles of Marketing

Immersion Courses

  • ART 1000 Art Appreciation

  • HIS 1015 Us History to 1877

  • HUM 1098 Special Topics in Humanities

  • MUS 1702 Arts & Entertainment Mgmt

What Our Students Say


Estrella Gomez, Capital Student

"Hartford has become a place for me, a place with depth and a rich history that I wouldn't have had without taking this course."
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